50+ Best Wordpress Themes 2017: Modern, Creative & Install Support

Due to the current technological advancements in every aspect of life, it is very essential to start or create your own website. This is especially if you are into business. Creating a good website for your business will give your business an upper hand since most people search for information about goods or services they want from websites. With a website for your business you will be able to advertise your goods and services more cheaply. You are also able to get more clients through a website since many people all over the world are able to visit your website. These are just but a few benefits of starting a website but there are many more. There are many ways in which you can start or create a website. One of the best ways is starting one using best word press themes. WordPress refers to an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is free and is based on PHP.

Benefits of using Best Wordpress Themes 2017 to start a website / blog

wordpress features and benefits

Creating a website using wordpress has a number of benefits which makes it one of the best options in website creation. These benefits include:

  1. Wordpress is very simple to use and also boasts of an intuitive interface which reduces the time spent on formatting.
  2. With wordpress you can manage your website from any computer that is internet connected.
  3. Being self-contained it does not need HTML editing software.
  4.  Wordpress gives you full control of your website.
  5. Wordpress enables you to customize your website to be very unique and what is easily appreciated by your visitors.
  6. Wordpress comes with an in-built blog such that one doesn’t have to create a blog from scratch.
  7. The functionality of your site is extended as wordpress has plugins that enables you add Facebook fan box, twitter feed and many more.
  8. As an admin of a wordpress site, you have the ability of setting up multiple users.
  9. As compared to other website designs, wordpress is less costly as they are managed easily thus save money on website maintenance.
  10. With mobile responsive coding, it is easier for a person to visit your website using a mobile phone.

Step by Step to Install a new website by using our Best Wordpress Themes in 2017


Step 1: Choose Hosting to Install Wordpress

Also known as webhosting, hosting refers to the act of storing, serving and maintaining files for websites, it can be one or even more websites. The following are some of the hosts that are widely and readily available in the market: 

wordpress hosting

1. SiteGround Host

siteground hosting reviewSiteGround is an ideal host especially for those businesses that are at the inception stage. This is because it provides the most required Wordpress security and speed solution (loads under 4 seconds) at very affordable prices. SiteGround also offers free Wordpress installation, free Wordpress migration, a free domain name, and email accounts among other things. For easier set up, this host has a wordpress auto installer which is very unique. With this host, all your plugins and Wordpress files are automatically updated. For an improved site performance, this host has a wordpress SuperCacher. HHVM improves the site’s speed in loading.


2. WP Engine host

wpengine hosting reviewThis host is very fast such that it loads under 0.26 seconds. Though quite expensive, this type of hosting provides great support, secure servers and fastest loading times. WP Engine host also boasts of a one-click back up and restoration process. It has the ability to scan and even monitor any attempts of hacking. In case your account is hacked, the company fixes the site completely free of charge. This host also has a staging area which creates a copy of your live site, hence enables you to test new themes and plugins before using on your site. The host has an in-built EverCache technology which delivers Wordpress very fast. With this technology also, there is no need of an external plugin for caching.


3. Flywheel host

flywheel hosting reviewThis host is able to load under one second. Being specifically designed for sites that use Wordpress, the host comes with a CDN which eliminates any obstacle that might affect the site’s speed. The host is able to automatically back up your website every night so that you can have a peaceful night rest. Flywheel is also always alert monitoring your website for hacking or any monkey business. It also fixes your site in case of any problem absolutely free of charge. With an intuitive SFTP, it is much easier to collaborate with other designers and also to work on the websites of clients.


4. Bluehost Wordpress hosting

bluehost hosting reviewThis type loads under 2 seconds. It was endorsed by Wordpress and it has s a VPS technology together with CDN which ensures high speed. It boasts of a 2GB RAM, a 30GB storage space and also a 30 GB back up storage. It also features a Manage WP which manages and also moves multiple sites within a single hosting plan. To ensure that your site is safe this hosting has a SiteLock, a CDN that is advanced and a SiteLock WAF. An enhanced cPanel that this host has makes it easier to change from shared to managed hosting especially when working within a familiar interface. Bluehost also enjoys a 24/7 wordpress experts support.


5. Kinsta host

This type of host provides unlimited visitors and also unlimited page views. With Kinsta, one is able to enjoy free site migration in case of multiple sites with a guaranteed uninterrupted service. Powered by Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta has automatic scaling, SSH access, LXD containers PHP 7. WP-CLI and a Git. A server-level caching solution speeds up your website. With a Kinsta hosting, your website is very secure thanks to multi-layer protocols that the host is based on. Also for smooth running of your site, Kinsta providers monitor you site frequently.

6. LiquidWeb host

This wordpress host boasts of managed servers, with free migrations to different sites in case you have multiple websites. The providers of this hosting also offer a 24/7 and efficiently address any problem that arises. It also has automatic backups and automatic updates to the wordpress plugins and cores. With this host, it is very easy to manage multiple wordpress websites by installing only once.


7. FatCow host

With this host one is able to enjoy curated themes and plugins that are pre-installed. There is the advantage of unlimited disk space, email accounts and also bandwidth. With this incredible wordpress host, one has a choice between two valuable hosting packages. For more speed, support and security, FatCow has a premium plan. It also offers a free domain name together with free registration.

8. iPage wordpress host

This host boasts of unlimited disk space and also email accounts. It comes with free Wordpress plugins together with best wordpress themes 2017. Once you purchase this host, you are guaranteed to get a free domain name together with free registration. The host also ensures super and maximum security for your website as it has a SiteLock that eliminates any malware. IPage host also guarantees a faster site by 60% with a pre-installed W3 Total Cache.

9. Inmotion wordpress host

Inmotion host boasts of a pre-installed wordpress, it also comes with an unlimited bandwidth and also an unlimited disk space. With this inmotion host you are guaranteed of a free domain name, site transfer and also data backups. It also enables one to host different websites in one account provided they are of wordpress domain.


10. eHost wordpress host

With eHost hosting, it is very easy to install wordpress only with a single click. It comes with a cPanel and a free online store. It has also been integrated with PayPal and other social media platforms. It has 1000s of templates together with a drag and drop website builder. Visitor stats, SEO tools and ad credits of up to $200 are included in this host.


Step 2: Install Website with Our Best Wordpress Themes

To install wordpress in starting website follows the following procedure

install wordpress

1. Downloading and Extracting

The first step to install wordpress is download and unzipping the wordpress package. You can download from www.wordpress.org. If you are downloading your wordpress from a remote server, use a web browser and unzip the package.


2. Creating Database and a User

In case you are using a particular hosting provider such as Bluehost you may already have a Wordpress database already set up therefore no need to create one. If you want to create one manually you can use Plesk, cPanel or phpMyAdmin.


Using Plesk

Creating a database using Plesk follows the following steps:

  • You first log in to Plesk.
  • You then click on the Databases in the Custom Website area of your website on your Websites and Domains page.
  • Finally you click create new database, you can change the database name if you deem necessary, you then create your database user by giving the required credentials and click OK. You are good to go.


You can also use cPanel or even phpMyAdmin to create your database.


3. Setting up wp-config.php

You have an option of creating and editing your wp-config.php yourself or you can opt to let Wordpress do it for you.


4. Uploading files

If you require uploading your files on your web server, you can use an FTP client to upload all the contents into the root directory of your site. If your files are on your web server, and you are using shell access, move all the file contents into the root directory of your website. 

5. Retrieving the wordpress

It is very easy to retrieve your wordpress files. If the files are in the root directory you have to visit the link that you had created.


Step 3: Install the Best Free / Premium Wordpress Themes 2017

There are very many best wordpress themes 2017 that one can adopt for their websites. Getting the best theme can be quite a hassle. A good wordpress theme should be responsive for mobile and tablet, be SEO friendly, be fast and simple to modify. The following are some of the best wordpress themes 2017 that can be adopted:

Top 10 Wordpress Themes 2017:

  • The Core Wordpress Theme.
  • Spirit Wordpress Theme.
  • Monstroid Wordpress Theme.
  • Bellaina Wordpress Theme.
  • Business Wordpress Theme.
  • Chocolate WP Theme.
  • Moose Wordpress Theme.
  • Mini Wordpress Theme.
  • ChurcHope Wordpress Theme.
  • Qaween Wordpress Theme.
Best Wordpress Themes 2017
Best Wordpress Themes 2017

1. The Core Wordpress Theme

the core wordpress themeThis theme boasts of being very flexible and also intuitive. It enables one to create a beautiful website without having to use codes. This theme also comes with 18 pre-built websites for specific industries such as charities, weddings agencies and others

2. Spirit Wordpress Theme

spirit wordpress themeThis is a wordpress theme that is based on an upfront frame work. This frame work provides a drag and drop function with real time updates.




3. Monstroid Wordpress Theme

monstroid wordpress themeThis theme is multipurpose and built on simple and accurately crafted Cherry framework. It comes with everything required in building websites easily such as a lot of short codes, extensions, modules and many other features.


4. Bellaina Wordpress Theme

This theme is the best especially when representing a real estate company online. It allows one to add properties to their websites and thus enable clients to locate what exactly they need. This theme also allows your visitor to leave any submissions about the property by filling a form and assign it to an agent.


5. Business Wordpress Theme

This theme was specifically created for modern business sites. To enable your business tell its story in a memorable way, this theme comes with a MotoPress Slider, TM Gallery, Parallax effect and a Background Video.

best wordpress themes


6. Chocolate WP Theme

This wordpress theme is one of the greatest photo gallery themes with a fluid masonry and also with a 3D slideshow. It is an exemplary theme for model agencies, luxury retailers and even photographers.


7. Moose Wordpress Theme

This theme is flat responsive and retina ready coming with parallax effects. It comes with a Twitter Bootstrap 3 and also features more than 50 HTML pages, WPML integration, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer and many more.


8. Mini Wordpress Theme

This wordpress theme has been built with mobile techniques. It is an ideal theme for corporate, creative and also for ecommerce businesses in need of showing off portfolios. The theme is very fast as it has a highly optimized code.


9. ChurcHope Wordpress Theme

This wordpress theme can be used for anything though it is specifically designed for churches. It can be used for upcoming event listings, event countdowns, and a calendar among other things.


10. Qaween Wordpress Theme

This wordpress theme is mainly used for wedding as it has an RSVP form and a countdown timer. The theme also boasts of more than 500 Google Web Fonts that one can comfortably choose from. Not forgetting a slideshow, photo gallery and an events page.


11. Optimas Wordpress Theme

This wordpress theme is compatible with different browsers with a clean slider based design. The theme boasts of 26 different patterned background images, 12 skin themes which are pre-made among others. The theme also comes with 16 layered PSD files together with a Mailchimp.

Step 4: Install Essential WordPress Plugins

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Step 5: Complete Installation Website

This is just a tip of an iceberg when it comes to best wordpress themes 2017 which cannot be completely exhausted. There is a large variety in which a person can comfortably choose from. Creating a website using wordpress gives you a number of options to choose from especially when it comes to different themes and also different hosting. A good website can create traffic on your site thereby increasing sales and also appreciation of your website. Try using wordpress in starting your website and you will not regret. All the best in your website creation.