Pick the Best WordPress Theme For Your Site

Why Picking A Great Theme Is Important

The majority of the themes don’t have a thorough review based on which you could decide if it is the right one for your site.

On the other hand, about 25 percent of the internet runs on WordPress, using some theme.

The best people to tell you about the themes you are considering to install are the people who live with them every day, because their site runs on the specific theme.

I have just started this project, therefore forgive me that it will take some time to fill it up with valuable content. I know that right now it’s just a shadow of what it should be.

I will make sure that it will fill up fast – there will be many website owners writing reviews.

In this post I will try to tell you how to choose the best WordPress theme for your site.

Picking the right WordPress theme for your site/blog is a big decision, and at the same time can be a pain.

Once you decide, this is how your site is going to look like for the next years.

Your theme determines how your visitors view your site, your business, it will probably even influence how much money you are going to make.

The number of themes available for WordPress can be a little overwhelming. They seem to be everywhere you look.

If you get it wrong, you can end up with a dead blog at the bottom of the Google ocean.

But if you get it right, everyone will love you, great traffic, high conversions, affiliate commissions.

The Design of Your Site Determines Your Success

I spent about two days to pick a theme for this site, looking for the right design.

Then I put one up that I liked overall, because it looked nice on the home page, however it had a huge problem with not bolding the titles, and my blog posts looked like a series of undistinguished text.

You may feel that design doesn’t really matter.

But there is a reason why you and thousands of other bloggers scroll through pages and pages of themes and designs, looking for the right one.

Because the design of your blog suggests the type of business you run.

Responsive design is at the top of the wish list for most WordPress users right now, with other features falling closely behind.

The Reason Why Design Is Important

Humans process visual information much faster than words.

When someone comes to your site, the feel and look of it tel them what kind of a site it is, even before they start to read anything.

It isn’t about how pretty your site is. It’s a lot more about sending the right message to your visitors.

A correct design will set you up as an authority and it will communicate a certain type of emotion.

Choosing the right WordPress theme can be the difference maker between being a site your users will trust, or one they’re going to avoid.

You probably think the prettier your site is, the better it will convert. But there are thousands of ugly sites out there that are converting high.

it’s not really a question of how pretty or ugly your site is.

Instead it’s a question of how easy to use your site is. Is your audience easily able to find what they’re looking for, read your content and access the points where you want them to convert?

If your site is hard to navigate, slow to load and filled with distractions then you’re going to take a real hit on conversions. Regardless of whether you spent $10 or $10,000 on designing your site.

What Is The Best WordPress Theme?

This is a question to which there is only one person that can give a right answer: YOU.

You need a theme that would help you build your brand, optimize your SEO.

And you needed it all without compromising speed, usability or readability.

You need to evaluate your own blog, project and your needs.

However there are certain points that are extremely important for all themes:

  • Speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple page layouts
  • SEO friendly
  • Advertising friendly
  • Converts well
  • Customizable
  • Browser compatibility
  • Nice appearance
  • User friendly
  • Simplicity
  • Social sharing friendly
  • Standard and lean coding

If you have a website running on a theme and you write a review, you can tell us what your website is about, how it fits your theme and you can link back to it as a showcase.

What Are You Going To Use Your Theme For?

This is an important question in deciding which theme is the best for you.

You can see a long list of categories on the right.

Those are all different uses of themes.

There are multi-purpose themes, but the fact that they can be used in several areas may pose limitations by not exactly fitting any area…

Tough choice.

You will definitely need your theme to be sales funnel friendly, because your conversion funnel determines your bottom line.

A theme needs to have easy to set up opt-in forms, the ability to provide landing pages, which is usually a shortcoming of most WordPress themes.

Simple And Clutter Free

You should have a site that is simple and easy to read, navigate.

Not having clutter on the page allows your readers to concentrate on your copy.

Just like when you read a book, your attention is on what you read, not on the book itself.

It is essential to have a theme that allows you to have lots of white space around the words you’re writing, the menus you’re using and the images you’re sharing.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage and it doesn’t look like slowing down.

And Google told us explicitly in 2015 that if we want our site to rank well, it must be mobile friendly.

That is a key ranking factor and who doesn’t want lots of targeted high converting traffic from Google?

So avoid buying a theme that doesn’t appear natural on mobile phones as it will seriously decrease your ability to grow.

Mobile responsiveness is non-negotiable these days.

The same also applies to tablets.

Optimized For Speed

Site speed has a direct impact on your customer experience, SEO rankings and how well your site converts.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful site in the world. If it takes 60 seconds to load and 10 seconds to jump between pages, you’re going to lose out.

A 1-second increase in speed results in a 7 percent increase in visitors.

Easy To Customize

The best themes are easy to customize.

You don’t want a theme where you need to dive into the code and start playing around with it.

The site design you choose should be easy to customize so that you can set yourself apart from the other sites in your niche. And you should be able to do it with a few clicks of a button.

Good Support

If you have a premium theme, the last problem you want to have is spending $100 on a theme and it break with no support to be found.

Make sure the theme you’re looking at offers a support package for at least six months, and is renewable when it’s needed after that.

Above The Fold

The above the fold area is the most important. This is what people are guaranteed to see.

Above the fold is everything your readers see when they land on your page without scrolling.

By putting the most important information on this area you’re able to focus attention on where you want your visitors to go.

The best WordPress theme for blogging makes good use of the fold. It’s important that this area has a purpose.

This could be

  • An email sign up box
  • An free download offer
  • Your most important/featured content
  • A video

When you click through to the blog page, normally WordPress lists the latest posts first.

Make your most important post sticky.


Customize Your Theme For Conversion

Once you’ve got your theme in place it’s time to refine it and turn it into a well read, high converting, blogging machine.

Reduce the number of options on your posts.

When you look at the design of a blog, there are often options to:

  •  Opt-in to a mailing list
  • Click on your most important posts
  • Click on your recent posts
  • Click on an advert
  • Like you on Facebook
  • Check out your latest tweets
  • Download a free eBook
  • Redeem a members only discount

They are being hit over and over and over again with options before they get to the call to action in your blog post or on your sales page.

So when it comes time to decide what to do – be that opt in to your mailing list or buy a product – they’ve got no idea what to do.

Removing all of the distractions you allow people to focus on your overall call to action.

Adjusting Your Fonts

Small font sizes & low-contrast are the #1 complaint for web users as it relates to reading online.

As people grow older, the less they see from your text.

A font adds a certain quality to your site.

If you use Times New Roman, it will read a lot more formal. And if you use some weird font, people will think you’re a two year old.

But a font can also affect how much of your page someone reads.

If a font is too small, it’ll be too much work to read and people will switch off.

If a font is too artistic or hard to make out, people will also switch off.

Bigger fonts often lead to higher conversions and longer time on page. So when it comes to choosing your theme it’s important to make sure you’re able to adjust your fonts as and when you need to.

Use bigger, easier to read fonts with lots of white space around them. It makes your page easier to read and digest.

Will Your Customers Like It?

This is the final point. Your theme needs to be user friendly, it needs to provide a user experience that makes your visitors love it.

This way they will spend more time on the page and your site will be more successful.


I hope by now you’ve got a much better idea of what to look for in a WordPress theme and how it affects your bottom line.

Your dream theme is out there. Find it.