8 Questions You Must Ask your Website Designing Company before Hiring

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Are you looking for a website designing company? Since a website will represent your business online, you need to be very careful while assigning the job to an agency. Proper research will help you to understand the company, its team and strategies in detail.

Here are some important questions you need to ask before making the final decision to avoid complications during and after the project:

1. Can you show me the websites that you have designed in the past?

This is important. You must ask for a few live examples of websites completed by the team. Avoid accepting any mockups or screenshots. A live site will provide you with details of design and functioning.

2. How much do you charge for your services?

Things related to money and finances should be discussed before starting off with the project. So see if you would require paying a fixed fee for the entire website or on hourly basis for all requests.

3. How will my project be handled? Is it a team work or one person affair?

It is efficient to work with a team of people on your website. However, you must also make sure you have a single point of contact dedicated to your project. This will make sure at least one person stays informed on the status of your project.

Do you have a limit for rounds of revisions?

Edits and revisions are a part of any website designing project. Hence, it is crucial to know the rounds of changes and additions allowed by the company. Ask if you will be allowed to make edits at various stages of the project including design and development.

4. Is it possible to edit the website myself?

You must be able to edit the website on your own once the project is accomplished successfully. So ask the designer if he/she will be setting up a content management system. A static site is not recommended. Make sure you know about the number of people who have access to edit the website? Will apt training be provided to your staff? The designer should be able to tell you about the specific sections of website you can edit.

5. What support can I expect once the site goes live?

It is important to know if the company offers after-sales support. The company should tell you about ongoing maintenance and monitoring packages. Sometimes serious issues such as hacking may crop up. The website or a part of it may stop working all of a sudden. You need to know if the team of designers and developers will provide routine backups for your site.

6. What is your record for on time website launches?

You should ask what the designer’s record for submitting on-time projects. This will give you an idea of timeline needed to finish off your project.

7. Do you use templates or build custom sites?

For a unique website dedicated to your business, the website designing company must offer unique custom designs. Templates are very common. Your website may end up looking like one of the many sites running online. Custom website must be built with ample testing. It should also be integrated with browser compatibility feature.

8. Can I speak to one of your past clients?

Although reviews and testimonials are pretty reliable, it really helps to talk to past clients of the company. In case, they don’t have anyone who could say a few words about the company, reconsider your decision to hire them.

Asking the above listed questions will help you know if the website designing company is best suited for your needs.

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