An EzineArticles Alternative And Strategy For 2018


EzineArticles, Article Directories And Bum Marketing

Probably it’s been a while since you last heard these terms… and Bum Marketing used to be commonplace until the Google penalty happened and they all disappeared at the bottom of the ocean.

What Is Bum Marketing?

Bum marketing got its name because “it’s so easy and cheap that a bum could do it”.

The article was at the center of bum marketing. Bum marketers wrote articles about their niche and submit them to article directories.

Article directories such as EzineArticles often ranked their articles well in search engines like Google. So if someone searched for something in your niche, they very often came across your article in EA, read it, like it, and then click on to your site.

Finally, submitting articles to directories used to help your site get ranked better in the search engines. A large part of Google and other sites’ ranking algorithms depended at that time on ANY links back to a site, to determine its relevance. Every time you got an author bio, it helped out your backlink score.

Lots of internet marketers were using this and there was great money to make with it, because Bum Marketing was easy…

  • You didn’t need to have a website, because you were posting articles with your affiliate links on other websites.
  • You didn’t need to have your own product.
  • You just had to write many not so great articles and make money.

This worked extremely well for quite a long time. But the problem was that most of the article directories like that were used for this purpose got into trouble with Google and were penalized. They fell to the bottom of search results literally overnight, losing lots of traffic.

Does it still work to post articles on

I am not going to go into this deeply, there are opinions for both sides. The biggest problem is that these sites have a specific culture connected to them.

People visit them and rewrite, spin the articles that they find, and I wouldn’t want to have a backlink from the author bio box of such an article to my site.

Bum Marketing Revived 2018?

Here is the secret that not many people know: Bum marketing still works when done right.

The biggest reason for failure and the penalty was the low quality of the articles that were being used.

We all know that was the biggest loser. It tanked overnight and never recovered.

This is to the point that instead of the word “article” we now use “post”, because it sounds less spammy.

While they did have strict guidelines to ensure only good quality and unique articles were submitted, their standard of good quality just isn’t good enough for Google.

And truth be told, most were not even good enough for people looking for good quality articles. I recently recovered my password to the site and I looked at the articles I wrote in 2010, and I laughed my head off.

The trouble is, most were written primarily to “game” the search engines and get good rankings and the reader’s experience wasn’t taken into consideration.

Members were writing floods of low quality articles, just to get the articles themselves ranked for easy Google traffic, or to get dofollow backlinks in order to help their sites to rank.

But believe it or not, the concept is still not dead, it still works when you do it correctly.

My EzineArticles Review And The Modern Bum Marketing

Bum marketing basically can be done by getting quality content posted on a high DA site with your affiliate links on it. I know, most websites wouldn’t allow you to do this.

We need to learn from the mistakes of the EzineArticles days and we can make it work. I will now explain how.

  • EzineArticles minimum article length was 250 words…

How about writing 2,000+ words?

  • EA didn’t require images/pictures…

You need to add great images and other visual elements.

  • EA writers only wrote for search engine rankings…

Posts need to be written for both humans and search engines

  • EA didn’t have comments/likes/reactions…

Blog posts need to have live conversations (readers commenting and authors responding)

  • EA didn’t have its articles shared in other social media…

We know that sharing on all social media is vital.

  • EA focused more on search engine traffic…

There are other sources of traffic, such as advertising on a network of websites, sending out emails in addition to the “bonus” search engine traffic.

  • EA permitted all types of articles…

It is a lot more effective to concentrate and focus mainly on one subject, such as Internet marketing and related niches.

  • EA didn’t have a system in place to DRIVE extra traffic coming to their site…

Now imagine if the site you were posting your articles on had its own system to drive extra traffic to your articles… Like having a partnership with 100+ bloggers and list owners and 1,000+ big sites, to bring extra traffic…

Are you becoming interested in what I am telling you about?

The 2018 Solution To Bum Marketing

The website allows members to submit 100% unique articles. Those who HAVE BOUGHT THE 30 Days of Affiliate Liberation package are allowed to “sell” or “promote” themselves and/or their products/services or even affiliate offers in such articles.

They DO THE PROMOTION FOR YOU directly and indirectly within the articles you submit.

Yes, you don’t have to actively promote the articles after submitting them. They take over from there and use the various “cheat moves” you are entitled to… and get them a lot of high quality targeted traffic.

They drive traffic to the articles which help you make money every single month!

The most awesome promotion they do for the articles is to help get them ranked top in the search engines. (You need to do correct keyword research.)

They also actively ensure it gets read by hundreds and even thousands of people, within and outside using the many different “cheat moves” and techniques they have.

  • Your unique content will appear in the Kingged widget, rotating with other articles under every single article
  • Your unique content will be made sticky on the homepage of for several days or weeks
  • Your unique content will be promoted on the sidebar, rotating with others, on every single page
  • Your unique content will be chosen among those that get emailed to members.
  • They also have partnerships with 100+ list owners to share the good quality articles on with their subscribers.
  • They also use their partnership with Taboola and Outbrain to get it seen by thousands more people from big sites like,, etc.

Bum Marketing Fail-Safe Button

What if you have submitted your articles, done your daily activities (which mostly consist of commenting on other people’s articles) but haven’t MADE MORE MONEY than your monthly subscription by the end of the month?

You simply let Support know and they will activate the “fail-safe” system for you (send more traffic to your affiliate offers). And you will definitely MAKE MORE MONEY than your monthly subscription when they are done!

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