How To Write A WordPress Theme Review

Don’t forget that the purpose of a review is to help people pick a WordPress theme for their site.

I don’t know if this ever happened to you, but one time I went through over 50 themes in frustration by the time I found one that was kind of acceptable.

I am trying to save people from this frustration.

Important note: All submissions are reviewed manually and only high quality content will be approved. Spam content will be deleted, therefore don’t waste your time (and mine).

Here are the steps for writing your review:

Create A Featured Image

To create a featured image for your post, take a screenshot of your home page. Paste it into Microsoft Word or your free OpenOffice or Libre Office program. Right click and press save, then save the image into the folder you desire.

Now open the image with the RIOT image optimization program. Select the best quality sampling, with 750 pixels. Upload it as a featured picture.

RIOT optimization

How To Write Your Review

Layouts: Describe the possible layouts of your theme: full width, regular, narrow, sidebar left, sidebar right, grid, no sidebar, etc. Are there different home page and blog post layouts?

In your WordPress back admin office, go to Themes>>Customize. Go through the options that are displayed one by one and describe each. You will see things like this:


Header image: write down the recommended image size.

Slider: Write down how many items are in the slider, whether you have pictures sliding or certain pages or certain posts.

Logo: Does the theme have the option to add your logo? What is the recommended picture size? Can you add your site icon?

Byline: Does the theme display your byline? Can you turn it on and off?

Social media icons: Are these displayed? Can you turn them on and off?

Featured image section: Give the recommended size of the image and whether you need to directly upload the image or the image of your designated home page will be used. Will the page title be written over the image or will it be hidden? Will your theme display the entire text that you entered your home page or is it going to cut it off? Or is it just going to display the title as the main text and that’s it? Or is there just a spot in your customizer where you add the text that will appear?

Call To Action: Is there a CTA in the header? In your slider? Is it one button? Is it two? Is it image- or text based?

Featured, Services, Features sections: List these one by one if they exist. Do you need to add pages or posts to get these displayed? Does it display an excerpt automatically or do you need to add a “Read More” tag to cut it off? Does it display the post/page image or is there an icon instead?

Video section: describe it if there is one.

Testimonials: Describe what is displayed here. Pages, posts?

Any other sections: Describe anything else, such as Google Maps, Newsletter registration form, search box, etc.

Footer: What is in the footer? Are there menus, and if so, how many? How many columns are there in the footer?

Widget areas: Give details of any specific widgets.

Price: Describe if this is a free theme or premium. State the price. If it has both free and premium versions, describe the premium features. If you don’t know the difference, just say you don’t know.

Creator: Say which company/person/website created this theme. No link needed.

Pros and cons: Remember, we are not trying to paint a rosy picture about the theme. We want to help people to make a decision.

So list all the reasons why you love this theme, all the things that you hate about it, and stuff you feel should be improved.

Site Speed Test

Now go to Pingdom and run a test of your home page. You will get a result like this:

pingdom test

Describe Your Business

Most guest posts don’t let you do self promotion… I do.

This is your chance to say who you are, what your blog is about, why people should visit it. Describe your main product.

If you want, spend 500 words on it. I am really generous on this point. Your review should end up being 1,500-2,000 words at least.

Describe why the theme fits your blog, any special information, like why your home page is ideal for this type of blog, how it helps you get subscribers, sales, etc.

Not Acceptable Subjects

I don’t accept the following subjects:

  • Casino, online gambling or sports betting
  • E-cigarettes/tobacco
  • Sexual enhancement products or supplements
  • Sex toys, pornographic or sexually explicit materials
  • Pharmacy
  • Easy money or get-rich-quick schemes
  • Intent to harm/defamatory comments
  • Violation of copyrights
  • Non-English language sites

Promoting Your Post

We will have several hundred people submitting reviews.

Imagine what happens if everyone promotes their review and links to it. It will make the site even more powerful and increase the value of your backlink.

Share your review on Twitter, your Facebook page. Just say that your blog was featured on this other website, this is so cool, please like it and share it. Make it into a big deal!

Ask your friends to like your review and leave a comment.

Go into the following Facebook groups and do comment exchange, social sharing exchange.

Include a link back to your site. (No affiliate links to other sites.)


Make sure you spell check your post – maybe ask someone else to do it for you if you are not sure.

If you do the above, you will end up with a high quality post.

If you run into any trouble or if you have any questions or feedback, just leave a comment below.

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