Why Advertise on Facebook? – A Point-By-Point Analysis

We’ve seen how Facebook slowly turned from a simple social networking site into one of the most sensational internet marketing hub. But still, why advertise on Facebook? Simple.

Consider these: cost-effective, easy, reaches vast markets and it projects a very personal experience with your market. Everybody’s attention is focused on how to get their own spot in the Facebook’s ad pages. That’s why even big companies are not taking chances. They know just how powerful this social media is. And what’s very good about it is that Facebook advertising accomplishes what they’ve been doing for decades at an extremely low cost. This is really something every internet entrepreneur should think about.

Consider the following reasons why some big companies would rather advertise on Facebook than doing conventional TV and Radio Ads:

• Advertising the old way is less desirable because first of all, it is very, very expensive.• Most of the money that goes to flyers, posters and print ads goes straight to the trash can.

• TV commercials and Radio are sometimes too short and may not be viewed by target audiences at the right moment.

• Conventional advertising is mostly one-way communication and there’s less or even no interaction at all between the target audience and the company.

On the other hand, look at what people who advertise on Facebook are getting using its advertising platform:

• First of all, it’s very affordable and convenient to use. The system is pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

• You can reach out your target audiences with laser-like accuracy. No random guessing who’s going to see your advertisement.

• Worth your time and money – no wasted resources. All expenses are kept to a minimum.

• Interactive and personalized so you can communicate with your potential buyers.

Facebook ads can be customized to fit your budget and to determine exactly who will see your advertisement based on the categories that you specify. That means less spending and more potential income. It’s a win-win situation. Plus, you get to interact with these target audiences who might as well recommend you to their own network of friends, compounding exponentially your potential income ten times over!

So what about small businesses? Let’s say some business is selling headphones… You might think big business have more potential than small ones. That’s not the case with Facebook advertising. It’s not about making flashy advertisements, overly exaggerated videos, or celebrity icons; it’s more on building relationships and getting to know the right persons who might have the same interests as yours and their friends as well.

To get the optimum results in you can also get some advice from your friends who know something about other marketing strategies like SEO. But that’s another story for another time. Keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity and that quality pays off in the long run.

Another wonderful answer to the question: “Why advertise on Facebook?”, is because it presents a rather fair ground for competitors. This means whether you’re a new player, or a small player, you are given equal opportunities with your old and big competitors. Also, who knows, you might stumble on one of your advertising campaigns someone who’s willing to help you with and build partnership ventures with you. The possibilities are endless, really. It all starts with your decision to make the first step.