Wonders That PS4 Pro Couldn’t Perform And PS5 Is Expected To!


The transition period of gaming generations is always the golden time for gamers and developers to let their expectation and hopes go wild. Usually, they wish to have the features in the coming generation, which they didn’t get in the present one. The similar case is with PlayStation 5. Although, the launch of Play Station 5 is a farfetched prediction yet rumors and speculation about the specifications are roaming already in the market. Not to forget the fact that PlayStation 4 pro is still considered as a new product on the platforms of online shopping in Pakistan. This actually increases the hype for PlayStation 5 as gamers keep comparing the advanced features of PlayStation 4 pro with what they can get in PlayStation 5.

So, let’s dissect it all a little bit further and see what we can expect from PlayStation 5 which PlayStation 4 Pro could not deliver.

The Native 4k Resolution

4k resolution is something which every digital gadget for virtual performance will need to acquire. While some claims to achieve it already and others promise to, the actual 4k resolution (which we call the native resolution) has not really been achieved by any gaming console yet. Because the power which is needed to acquire native 4k resolution is right now not available in even PlayStation 4 Pro. This makes the gamers anticipate PlayStation 5 even more as everybody expects PlayStation 5 to be advanced enough to provide 4k native resolution. Of course, the PlayStation 5 price in Pakistan will also depend upon the point of refined 4k native resolution.

Besides, Sony would definitely take the matter seriously as its biggest rival, Microsoft is promising the same thing in the upcoming Xbox 2 (project Scorpio) whenever it releases. Whether or not the difference between Pro and Scorpio 4K is noticeable isn’t the point. The point is that Microsoft is promising something that Sony doesn’t have. Therefore, everybody expects PlayStation 5 to meet the challenge and provide the ultimate technology of native 4k resolution.

Virtual Reality

The PS4 price in Pakistan was affected tremendously just because it was the first gaming console with virtual reality. But in PlayStation 5 case, the VR game is going on a whole new level. Virtual Reality is something which every tech junkie can die for and Sony would probably not take any risk in taking the VR upgradation lightly. In fact, experts predict that there is a possibility of inbuilt VR Projection in PlayStation 5.

If we dared to take one step further, augmented reality can be another possibility. Considering the fact that PlayStation 5 would probably launch in 2020, it won’t be unfair to wish for AR technology as it has already arrived on initial bases.

The Hardware Battle

People will buy Samsung Galaxy S9 from Telemart only if it is better than the next version of iPhone. Similar is the case with Sony. Microsoft is confident that they will beat the power of PlayStation 4 pro’s hardware with their Xbox 2. PlayStation 5 is Sony’s only chance to maintain its power!

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